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Our simple approach and concept were birthed in North Carolina. The Martin Family, from their humble beginnings, believed in housing availability for all, developing opportunities for the community, and serving the needs of others.  An elder of the Martin Family was given advice by several community leaders to turn those beliefs into a business.  Two generations later that advice and those beliefs spawned into Martin Housing Development’s core values and principles of which it was built and operates.


Our philosophy is simple “ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL”, the communities we support, help support US. Thus, our business goals are to develop and support the Community by providing exceptional property management services and real estate opportunities. 


Our Founders have taken this philosophy with passion and vision to the next level by providing housing development “solutions” for renters, buyers, and sellers; alike.  This unique concept and leadership has been what has led the business and will continue to lead US far into the future. The Community is the foundation of our Business.



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